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Welcome to Writing-World.com

This Month's Spotlight: Creating Effective Queries!

Every month Writing-World.com will feature a "spotlight" subject, highlighting articles on topic of importance for writers. This month we look at the importance of effective queries - the writer's #1 tool for marketing articles to magazines, newspapers and online publications.

Queries vs. Articles: Which is Best? - Moira Allen
Should you send an editor a query or a completed article? The answer is often pre-determined: more and more publications simply won't accept unsolicited articles, making a focused query your only hope of breaking in to the most important markets!

How to Write a Successful Query - Moira Allen
In today's world of texts and twitters, it's important to remember that a query still needs to offer an editor the detail and information needed to assess your idea -- and your skills as a writer! A one-line e-mail asking "Do you want a piece on X?" just doesn't cut it!

The Letter of Introduction: An Alternative to the Query - Shelley Divnich Haggert
Sometimes what you want to "introduce" is not a specific idea, but yourself as a potential contributor. A letter of introduction helps you convey your credentials and availability without pitching a specific piece.

Pros and Cons of Simultaneous Submissions - Moira Allen
One of the questions most often asked is - can I query or submit to more than one market at a time! There's still no one-size-fits-all answer; this article will help you understand the issues involved.

Who's Who on the Magazine Masthead - Moira Allen
A key step in a successful query is making sure you've sent it to the right person. Knowing "who's who" in the confusing list of names on a magazine masthead will help you avoid the tactical error of sending something to the wrong person.

Exploring New Markets - Moira Allen
Before you send a query, be sure you know whether you really want to (or are qualified to) submit to a particular publication. Just as you may not be right for every magazine, not every magazine may be right for you!

Finding Sample Magazines - Without Breaking the Bank - Moira Allen
Writers' guidelines often blithely suggest that a would-be contributor read four or five "back issues" of the magazine before submitting. For most of us that's just not going to happen. Here are some ways to get copies of potential markets without having to pay for "sample copies."

How to Study a Magazine You've Never Seen - Mridu Khullar
And what if you can't get a sample copy at all? Here are some tips on finding out what you need to know about a potential market even if you can't see it "in the flesh."

Researching Markets: Looking Beyond the Obvious - Karen Luna Ray
Nearly every magazine has a website these days - so use it to track down less obvious information about the publication's interests, demographics, mission statement and more.

Targeting the Wrong Markets: The New Writer's Most Common Mistake - Moira Allen
If you're a newbie writer, chances are good that you're going to make one of the two most common query mistakes: Aiming for the highest-end markets because those are the magazines you see most often at the check-out counter, or aiming for the lowest-end markets because you assume that's the best you can hope for at this stage in your career. Find out why these assumptions are flawed, and how to aim for the markets that are right for you!

Find out more in our Queries, Submissions, & Market Research section!

Contest Announcement

Writing-World.com is delighted to announce a writing contest hosted by one of our regular writers and contributing editors, Devyani Borade - with Writing-World.com's own Moira Allen as one of the judges!*

Verbolatry Laugh-a-Riot Contest 2016

Send us your funnies about writing, and win 100!

Entries are now being accepted for the Verbolatry Laugh-a-Riot Contest. Humorous essays and cartoons about writing/publishing. Deadline 31 August 2016. Two categories, free and paid, with cash prizes and publication. Results in the Verbolatry October 2016 newsletter. Details at http://devyaniborade.blogspot.com

*This contest is not sponsored by or affiliated with Writing-World.com. Please do not send entries to Writing-World.com.

Welcome to Writing-World.com!

Hosted by writer/editor Moira Allen, Writing-World.com has been one of the web's leading "go-to" sites for writers for over 15 years. Whether you're just starting out, or an experienced pro seeking new opportunities, you'll find help in these pages.

Writing-World.com brings you nearly 1000 articles by experts from around the world, on nearly every aspect of writing and publishing. You'll find tips on crafting and marketing your fiction, nonfiction, essays, poetry, memoir, technical and trade pieces, screenplays and more. Our business sections offer guidance on such all-important issues as rights, copyright, negotiating contracts, and making sure you get paid. Our publishing sections cover traditional, "DIY" and electronic publishing. You'll also find sections on promoting your work and your "brand," through traditional and social media venues.

Use the navigation menu in the left column to discover our world of content, use the "search" box to look for a specific topic - or go to the Master Article Index to see it all at a glance. And if you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to Contact Us!

A Writer's Year 2016 is Now Available!
A Writer's Year - The Only Planner Designed Specifically for Writers!

Every year we find ourselves wondering where the time has gone, and why we haven't achieved the goals and dreams we planned. A Writer's Year - Writing-World.com's FREE 365-day planner designed specifically for writers - can help! It's the perfect tool to help you plan your writing schedule, organize your tasks, track goals, record your achievements, monitor deadlines and due-dates, and calculate your billable hours.

This year we've made some improvements. Based on reader responses, we've now made this a 24-hour planner - because a writer's day doesn't always start at 8 a.m.! We've added information on monthly holidays and awareness months, and an extra space at the beginning of each month for additional notes, goals and to-do lists. And this year, we've included the submission tracker in the PDF and print editions.

A Writer's Year is our gift to you - download the electronic edition (in PDF or Excel form) absolutely free! An inexpensive print edition is also available directly from Amazon. Visit A Writer's Year for the download links and information on how to obtain a hard-copy.


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