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A Story, B Story, Part One: Why Use Subplots? - Victoria Grossack (Crafting Fabulous Fiction)

A Story, B Story, Part Two: Challenges of Working with Multiple Plots - Victoria Grossack (Crafting Fabulous Fiction)

Blogging for Business - Dawn Copeman

Chatting About Chapters - Victoria Grossack (Crafting Fabulous Fiction)

Everybody Lies - Victoria Grossack (Crafting Fabulous Fiction)

FICO Scores for Clients? How to gauge the probability of getting paid for your work - Jennifer Brown Banks

It Looks So Easy... - Moira Allen

Old School Tech for Today's Writers - Dawn Copeman

Old-School Tools For Today's Writers: Save time and earn more using these three near-extinct skills - Tiffany Jansen

The Secret of Success - Moira Allen

Your First Press Trip: A Survival Guide - Lisette Allen

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    Awesome Blogs

    Science News for Writers, by Jim Fisher
    This blog has loads of intriguing information and lots of entries that could serve as idea-generators. Use it to generate ideas for nonfiction articles as well -- or just to ensure that you don't generate scientific goofs in your fiction!
    Do you have an "awesome blog"? Do you know of one? Let us know; send an e-mail to Moira Allen, Editor with "Awesome Blog" in the subject line. See our complete list of Awesome Blogs here!'s FREE Planner for 2014!
    Our Handy Planner Is Back for 2014!
    Every year seems to go by more quickly! Each year we find ourselves wondering where the time has gone, and why we haven't accomplished nearly as much as what we planned. We can't slow down time -- but one thing we can do is improve our planning skills! To help you do just that, is delighted to offer, for the third year, our free Writer's Year Planner! A Writer's Year is the only 365-day planner that's designed for writers. This is the perfect tool to help you plan your writing schedule, organize your tasks, record your achievements, track your goals and progress, and keep track of important deadlines and due-dates. And best of all, it's FREE! ... Find out more...

    The Writer's Guide to Holidays, Observances and Awareness Dates
    Every Writer Needs a Holiday! (So Here Are 1800 Of Them!)
    Do you ever have those days when you can't think of a thing to write about? Or when your bank account is looking painfully low, but you can't come up with a single pitch? We all get them! That's why I've come up with this handy guide: The ideal book for those times when you need a shot of inspiration, an extra dose of ideas. Sometimes (especially when deadlines are looming), the calendar may seem like your worst enemy, but when it comes to ideas and inspiration, it can also be your best friend! The Writer's Guide to Holidays, Observances and Awareness Dates provides writers with a list of over 1800 "dates" throughout the year and around the world. That's over 1800 ideas to fuel your inspiration and jump-start your articles.... Find out more...

    Recent Articles
    Has it been awhile since you've dropped by? Here's what we've added to the site in the past six months...

    February 2014
    Do You Hear Voices? - Victoria Grossack (Crafting Fabulous Fiction)
    Fine-Tuning Your Author's Note - Victoria Grossack (Crafting Fabulous Fiction)
    Four Ways to Use Visitor Centers and Welcome Centers as Sources of Information - Barbara Weddle
    How to Use Social Proof to Win Clients and Influence Buyers (when you're not "social media" active) - Jennifer Brown Banks
    The New Publishing Paradigm... Or Is It? - Moira Allen
    The Rights and Wrongs of Blogging for Pay - Dawn Copeman
    Too Busy Writing to Write - Moira Allen

    January 2014
    How to Think Outside the Blog "Box" to Increase Your Productivity and Creativity - Jennifer Brown Banks
    Planning the Series Novel - Vickie Britton and Loretta Jackson
    The Reader's Emotional Journey - Victoria Grossack (Crafting Fabulous Fiction)
    The Satisfied Reader Experience - Victoria Grossack (Crafting Fabulous Fiction)
    Setting Your Freelance Rates - Dawn Copeman
    When I Have Time... - Moira Allen

    December 2013
    Give Yourself a Gift! - Dawn Copeman
    A New Year, a Blank Book - Moira Allen
    Titles for Your Texts - Victoria Grossack (Crafting Fabulous Fiction)
    Using a Camera to Collect Stock Images - It's a Snap! - Gail Kavanagh

    November 2013
    Arcs of Artifacts - Victoria Grossack (Crafting Fabulous Fiction)
    Climbing the Mountain - Moira Allen
    E-Readers and the Changing Nature of the Story Experience - Victoria Grossack (Crafting Fabulous Fiction)
    How to Show Your Gratitude to Other Writers - Maria Chatzi
    Movin' On Up: Graduating to Better Paying Markets - Audrey Faye Henderson

    October 2013
    Filing Works in Progress - Barbara Weddle
    How to Get -- and Take -- Criticism - Victoria Grossack (Crafting Fabulous Fiction)
    How to Write a Travel Memoir - Aditi Bose
    Satisfaction Through Frustration - Victoria Grossack (Crafting Fabulous Fiction)
    So Many Dreams, So Little Time - Moira Allen

    September 2013
    Freestyle Writing: The Psychology of Accomplishing Big Projects - Steve Aedy
    Seven Signs That You Need to Break Up With a Client - Jennifer Brown Banks
    'Tis the Season to Get Crafty - Moira Allen
    The Vital Ingredient - Dawn Copeman
    What's In a Name? - Victoria Grossack (Crafting Fabulous Fiction)
    What Should They Talk About? - Victoria Grossack (Crafting Fabulous Fiction)


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