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We love to hear from you! Please contact Moira Allen, Editor for:

  • Comments and suggestions
  • Questions about writing or about articles on this site
  • Article queries or submissions
  • Advertising inquiries
  • Suggestions for links or "awesome blogs" about writing
  • Corrections (e.g., errors, bad links, etc.)

Before you do, however, please take a quick look at the info below, which may answer your questions:

Submissions: is a paying market. Please review our Writer's Guidelines before submitting material. We also recommend that you review our Master Site Index to determine what topics have already been covered.

Advertising Inquiries: reaches nearly two million writers every year, and is the ideal venue to market your writing-related product or service. Please review our Ad Rates and Terms before submitting an inquiry.

Reprint Requests: If you are interested in reprinting an article by the editor, Moira Allen, please review our terms and conditions. All other reprint requests must be submitted to the author of the article. cannot grant permission to reprint the work of any other author. If you cannot locate the author's contact information, please send your request to us and we'll try to get in touch with the author. does not condone the unauthorized use of materials on this site and will take action if we discover such use.

Link Suggestions: If you know of a great site that is useful to writers, we'd love to hear about it. We're also always on the lookout for fantastic blogs for writers to feature in our "Awesome Blogs" section. We link only to sites that offer a significant amount of free information for writers. We don't play the "I'll link to you if you link to me" game and we're getting very wary of all these "my student found this wonderful website that we'd like you to link to," so... don't bother me with those! We do not offer links to sites that offer products or services for sale; to promote a product or service, please see our advertising details. (Please note that due to the volume of link requests received, we do not promise to respond personally to link inquiries.)

Our Newsletter: We offer a free, biweekly newsletter; you can subscribe on our home page or from our Newsletter page (where you can also read back issues). To change or cancel your existing subscription, please use the link at the bottom of your most recent newsletter.


We're sorry, but we can't do the following:

Help you find a publisher. We cannot recommend specific publishers, agents, etc. You'll find tips on how to locate a publisher in our Publishing section.

Review or critique your work. We do not review stories, poetry, articles, query letters, etc. If you are looking for feedback, please visit our Critique Links.

Teach you how to get started. We get lots of e-mails asking, "What do I need to do to get started as a writer?" That's basically what this site is about -- you'll find dozens of articles to help you do just that, and they're all free. The best place to begin is our Basics section. Once you've reviewed the basics, if you still have a specific question that hasn't been answered on the site, we will be happy to help.

Enjoy the site!

Moira Allen, Editor
Dawn Copeman, Newsletter Editor

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