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Starting Your Career as a Freelance Writer

Queries, Pitches and Proposals

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Tell a Million Writers About Your Product! offers you the opportunity to reach more than ONE MILLION WRITERS per year with information about your product or service. (As a matter of fact we're now approaching 2 million visitors per year!) Our website attracts over 125,000 unique visitors per month, and receives upwards of 160,000 visits, with an average of 250,000 page views. Our site offers over 750 pages of information (not counting our newsletter archive). Yet our ad rates are some of the lowest around. We offer several opportunities to "get the word out".

Please note that accepts advertising only for products, books or services that relate to the business or craft of writing.

First, a Word About Affiliates, Text Links and Joint Ventures... Just a quick word up front for those who are hoping to get a special deal, different deal, "joint venture," or whatever... thanks for the interest, but we like to keep the playing field level for all our advertisers. We appreciate the many advertisers who have supported us faithfully for years -- and as our way of showing our support for them, we don't feel it is appropriate to enter into "special arrangements." We are not interested in entering into new affiliate programs at this time. Nor do we do "text links" -- ever, at all, period, please don't ask five times for an exception. The terms below apply to all advertisers, old and new!

Website Advertising - Rotating Banner

Our rotating banner provides maximum visibility for your ad, appearing at the top of every content page throughout the site (presently a total of nearly 800 pages!). We will be limiting the number of rotations to 10; to increase your visibility, you may also sign up for one additional rotation (depending on availability). Rotations are based on page clicks/refreshes. Banners may be up to 800x150 pixels.

Rates for one rotation:

  • One month = $100
  • Three months = $240 (20% discount)
  • Six months = $450 ($25% discount)
  • Twelve months = $840 (30% discount)

Rates for one additional rotation:

  • One month = $75
  • Three months = $180 (20% discount)
  • Six months = $337 (25% discount)
  • Twelve months = $630 (30% discount)
  • Intervening months will be calculated at the nearest preceding discount; e.g., four months would be calculated at a 20% discount, eight months at a 25% discount, etc.

Website Advertising - Side Button Only

Your 120x120-pixel button will appear on more than 800 separate pages:

  • One month - $65
  • Three months - $150 (save $45)
  • Six Months - $300 (save $90)
  • One Year - $500 (save $280)

Newsletter Advertising Our e-mail newsletter is published twice each month (on the first and third Thursday of the month), and goes to nearly 14,000 subscribers; it's also passed along to dozens of newsgroups, writing groups, etc. The cost for a basic classified listing (up to five lines at 65 characters per line) is just $25 for a full month (we require a one-month minimum listing). Additional lines are available for $1 per line per issue.

  • 1 month - $25
  • 2 months - $45 (save 10%)
  • 3 months - $65 (save 13%)
  • 4 months - $85 (save 15%)
  • 5 months - $105 (save 16%)
  • 6 months - $125 (save 16%)
  • 7 months - $145 (save 16%)
  • 8 months - $160 (save 20%)
  • 9 months - $180 (save 20%)
  • 10 months - $200 (save 20%)
  • 11 months - $220 (save 20%)
  • 12 months - $225 (save 25%) (Please note: One year is actually 23 issues rather than 24, as we only publish one issue in December.)

  • Additional lines $1 per line per issue (e.g., one extra line for 5 months would be $10)

PLEASE check the length of your ad. Our regular rate is for up to FIVE LINES that contain NO MORE THAN 65 characters per line. This includes spaces, and if a word breaks within that allotment, it will be added to the next line. URLs must include "http://". If your ad is too long, send it to us and we can help you edit it.

A quick note on our mailing list... We use our newsletter list only to send out our twice-monthly newsletter. We never use it to send out special advertising or "e-mail blasts." Nor do we offer that list for sale. Getting Started

Please send ALL advertising requests or enquiries (web or newsletter) to: Moira Allen, Editor. To place your ad, please e-mail the following information:

  1. Your name and address (so that we can prepare an ad contract)
  2. The type of ad you wish to place (e.g., Banner, Button, Newsletter)
  3. The duration of the ad (1 month, 3 months, etc.)
  4. If a web ad, the URL to which you wish your ad to be linked
  5. If a newsletter ad, the text of the ad (see line lengths above)
  6. If a web ad, we will need your ad image as an attachment (GIF or JPG).

Terms and Conditions

  1. All ads must be prepaid.

  2. Site and bookshelf ads must be received at least one week prior to the start of the month, and will be posted within three business days of the beginning of the month.

  3. Newsletter ads must be received at least three days prior to the first issue in which you wish them to appear. The newsletter is e-mailed on the first and third Thursday of every month, except for December, when we only produce one issue.

  4. NO SPECIAL PLACEMENT OF ADS IS PROVIDED. (This means that we cannot place your ad "higher" on the page for an extra fee; while we understand the desire for "better" visibility, we do not feel that it's fair to "bump" our long-term advertisers for newer ads.)

  5. Please review and proofread your ad carefully; while we do try to check for typos, we aren't responsible for errors.

  6. Changes to ads and ad images are accepted, within reason.

  7. Payment by PayPal is preferred for all advertising. If you wish to pay by check, please contact Moira Allen, Editor for mailing details. Again, no ads will be placed until payment is received. only accepts advertising for products, books or services that relate to the business of writing. We reserve the right to reject or withdraw an ad at any time. (If for any reason an advertisement is withdrawn, any unused portion of the payment will be refunded.)

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