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Starting Your Career as a Freelance Writer

Queries, Pitches and Proposals

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The Business of Writing

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Tips for Successful Freelancing · Understanding Rights & Copyright

Handling Income, Expenses and Records
Back Up Your Writing - And the Rest of Your Life! - Moira Allen
Handling a Windfall Profit - Moira Allen
Handling Writing Income and Expenses - Moira Allen
How to Make Sure You Get Your Check - Felicia Hodges
Keeping Records - Moira Allen
When Clients Don't Pay - Melissa Brewer
We Never Think It Will Happen... (Protecting your files and photos from a disaster) - Moira Allen

Keeping Your Business on Track
Building a Writer's Business Plan - Moira Allen
Creating a Writer's Resume - Moira Allen
Eight Things that Can Go Wrong for a Freelance Writer (And What to Do About Them) - Patricia Fry
Five Letters Every Writer Will Need - Rose Ross Zediker
Seven Signs That You Need to Break Up With a Client - Jennifer Brown Banks
Tickler Files Increase Your Success - Robert Moskowitz

Negotiating Contracts
"First Sale" Mistakes Every Writer Can Avoid - Moira Allen
Five Magic Phrases: Tips for Negotiating Contracts Like a Pro - Jenna Glatzer
Understanding Contracts - Moira Allen
The Art of Negotiation 16 Tips on How to Ask for More Money - Devyani Borade

Payment Issues
FICO Scores for Clients? How to gauge the probability of getting paid for your work - Jennifer Brown Banks
How to Make Sure You Get Your Check - Felicia Hodges
Should You Write for Free? - Moira Allen
When Clients Don't Pay - Melissa Brewer
Seven Signs That You Need to Break Up With a Client - Jennifer Brown Banks

Expanding Your Business - And Your Income
Boost Your Bottom Line - Mridu Khullar
Build Your Writing Business Through Testimonials - Jennifer Brown Banks
Five Steps to Developing Your Writing Brand - Sonya Carmichael Jones
How Much Should a Freelancer Charge? - Moira Allen
How to Master (and Survive) a Career as a Solo Writer! - Jennifer Brown Banks
Internet Want Ads: Finding Writing Jobs Online, by Julie Bloss Kelsey
The Key to Success: Write More! - Lee Tobin McClain
Movin' On Up: Graduating to Better Paying Markets - Audrey Faye Henderson
One Dozen Unique Ways to Make More Money - Patricia Fry
Recession-Proof Your Writing Business - Patricia Fry
Setting Your Freelance Rates - Dawn Copeman
Ten Tips to Reaching Financial Success as a Freelance Writer - Bev Bachel and Jennifer Lawler
They'll Pay Me to Write my Novel? Six Steps to Help You Win a Fiction Grant - Elizabeth Creith
Twenty Ways Writers Can Save Money - Mridu Khullar
The Worth of a Freelancer's Work - Donald Denier
Writing in a Recession - Dawn Copeman

Collaboration and Coauthorship
Double Vision: The Secret to Forming a Successful Co-authorship - Vickie Britton and Loretta Jackson
Questions to Ask Before Collaborating - Moira Allen
Writing in Pairs - Victoria Grossack

Selling Reprints
Can I Sell a Previously Published Article? - Moira Allen
Making the Most of Your Inventory (Selling Reprints) - Dana Cassell
Marketing Reprints Through International Syndication: An Interview with Sheila O'Connor - Moira Allen
One Article, Many Checks: Selling Reprints - Kelly James-Enger
Selling Reprints - Moira Allen

Using a Pseudonym:
Pseudonyms, Pseudonyms and More Pseudonyms - Moira Allen (tips from The Writing Desk)
Pseudonyms: 10 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Pen Name - Adrienne DeWolfe
Should You Use a Pseudonym? - Moira Allen
Using Pseudonyms - Dawn Copeman (survey)

Vacations, Residencies and Retreats:
Grants, Fellowships, & Residencies - Megan Potter
Retreat! How to Get Away to Write - C. Hope Clark
Taking Time Off: Planning a Vacation - Denene Brox

Avoiding Scams and Other Perils
Canning the Spam - Moira Allen
Watch Out for Web Scams! - Moira Allen
Writing Contests: When Winners are Losers - Moira Allen

Electronic Tools and Technology
Make Your iPhone a Writer's Notebook - Lisha Cauthen
A Pair of Handy Freebies - Moira Allen
Tips on Searching the Web - Moira Allen
Shouldn't You Be Podcasting? - Amy Chavez
Technology or Old Fashioned Ways? - Dawn Copeman (survey)
There's No Free Lunch -- But There Is Free Software! - Des Nnochiri

Protecting Your Work
Back Up Your Writing -- And the Rest of Your Life! - Moira Allen
It Might Not Happen, But... (backing up/restoring your work) - Des Nnochiri
Protecting Yourself, Writer-Style (choosing safe passwords) - Moira Allen
We Never Think It Will Happen... (Protecting Your Files) - Moira Allen

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Starting Your Career as a Freelance Writer

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