How to Write Effectively For a Cause
by Mary Emma Allen

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Incidents will occur in your life that prod you to write for a cause. This writing may be to right a wrong, educate and inform, help others avoid a situation that's happened to you, or raise funds.

You may do this as an individual writer. Or you may work with a group, helping them in various ways with your writing talents. Sometimes you'll get paid for the articles you write to inform others about this cause. Other times you write simply because you want to share and help others.

What Are Causes?

Causes encompass almost anything that affects your life or the lives of others. They may include issues such as: Alzheimer's Disease, cancer, environmental concerns, political issues, organ donation, literacy, preserving historic sites, rights for handicapped persons, campaigns against drunk driving, etc.

Here are some ways to spread the word about your cause:

How Are You Most Effective?

The Rewards

In writing for a cause, your rewards are many and may even be monetary. You know you're using your writing talents to help a cause dear to your heart and bring awareness, information and comfort to others.

As you draw attention to yourself and your writing, you may be asked to write more on this topic and even to speak about it. From writing for free to further a cause, you may receive payment for your articles from other publications and talks before groups.

As writers we have the "power of the pen" (and nowadays our keyboard connected to the Internet) to reach out to people around the world to do good, to comfort, and encourage.

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