Don't Write Down to European Audiences!
by Nancy Arrowsmith

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Many North American writers make the mistake of writing down to European audiences. There is nothing wrong in patiently explaining things, but articles for European audiences have to go a bit beyond that. A little punning, some introspection, personal touches or a hardcore technical treatise have more chance of being sold in Europe than a simplistic text at a 4th- grade school level. Although humor is widely appreciated, be very sure that you understand the particular humor of the people you are writing for.

How do European reading audiences differ from North American audiences? Here are a few general thoughts.

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Nancy Arrowsmith is an American who has lived and worked in Germany and Austria for 25 years. She has published several books in English and German, the latest being Das grosse Buch der Naturgeister, Thienemann Verlag. She was founder, Herausgeberin and editor-in-chief (Chefredakteurin) of Germany's first magazine for organic gardening, kraut & rueben, for six years.


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