How to Always Be a Passionate Writer
by Maria Chatzi

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Do you ever feel envy for enthusiastic and inspired writers, who are always motivated by a burning desire to write about almost anything? Well, don't -- you can achieve this too. This article reveals the secrets of how to always be a passionate writer.

Why is passion important and necessary, and how is it related to a writer's success? How do you grow and reinforce a passion for writing? How can you reconnect with the passionate writer you once used to be? What are the things every writer should know about passion? Read on!

Why Be a Passionate Writer

We all dream of a successful writing career. However, to be a successful writer you need to be a passionate writer, because passion:

How To Grow, Maintain and Reinforce a Passion for Writing

A. How To Get Started

First, you need to get to know yourself better. So, keep notes of any observations you make and any decisions you reach, in regard to what you enjoy most. Do you feel happier when you:

a) write in a specific genre or field of interest (e.g. fantasy fiction, educational issues, articles on any subject, tourist guides etc.)?

b) write with a particular subject or content in mind (e.g. cats, or guerilla art, or baking, or rocks and minerals)?

Start by identifying what you are passionate about (be as clear and as specific as possible), so you can find where you belong and focus on doing more writing of that specific type. Also, valuing your feelings and intuition will help you find what you are passionate about quicker.

The next thing you need to know is whether you are a generalist or a specialist. Specialists explore their interests by narrowing their scope as much as possible and by digging deep. Generalists, on the other hand, need to widen their scope as much as possible and build their work on knowledge, skills and experiences gained from a large variety of subjects and fields (they are the polymathic "Renaissance" type of writers).

Who says that if you are a doctor who writes health guides you should only write about medicine? If fishing excites you, write about fishing. If making art also inspires you, write about making art. Keep all this information neat and organized in a file. Then, if you feel like taking your writing passion a step further, find out what connects fishing, and/or art, to health. Now, you've got a health guide that reflects your knowledge and expertise, your skills, your experiences, your personality and what you are passionate about. Or, you may choose to stick to writing about medicine but decide to devote yourself (as a writer and doctor as well) to Alternative Medicine, which intrigues you and challenges institutionalized medical practices.

The final step is to find the "Why" behind your passion. For example, ask yourself questions such as: Why do I love writing about wild flowers? Why do I find writing about women's issues so challenging? What fascinates me when writing about applied psychology? Also, ask yourself why you hate to write what you don't feel eager to write about? The more "Whys" you answer, and the clearer and the more detailed your answers are, the easier you will get to the roots of your passion as a writer.

B. How to Maintain and Reinforce Your Passion for Writing

Following is a list of what to do and what not to do, to maintain and reinforce your writing passion:

C. How to Reconnect to Your Lost Passion

Were you once a passionate writer who has lost that passion for writing? If your answer is "Yes," here is a remedy. Before you proceed to reading it, keep in mind that if you want to fix the problem you need to be patient, hard-working and persistent.

D. Five Things Every Writer Should Know About Passion

  1. Passion is a magnificent combination of emotion, spirit and attitude. Money and fame cannot turn you into a passionate writer. However, if you become famous due to your passionate writing, fame may help your passion grow even stronger, but only if you believe your fame reflects the success of your mission as a writer.

  2. The more fun you have writing and the less you care about money and fame, the deeper the roots of your passion go.

  3. Collaborative work and joint projects could build, maintain or intensify passion for writing.

  4. Passionate writers allow themselves to be vulnerable - they are open to everyone and think of their readers as their friends. As a result, they are not afraid of being transparent, nor of being wrong, misinterpreted or rejected.

  5. The ultimate success is to combine what you are passionate about as a writer with what your readers are passionate about.

Nothing great has ever been achieved without passion. We writers have to know how to explore it, cultivate it, maintain it and reinforce it. However, passion is fragile and it may suddenly disappear as well. So, we also need to know how to mend it and reconnect to it. Being always a passionate writer takes patience and determination, but it pays back with a happy and successful writing career.

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Maria Chatzi is a teacher, a writer, a self-taught artist, and a craft designer. Her goal is to help children and adults acknowledge their creative identity and discover their potential, so they can play an active part in the new creative culture. Her teaching and writings aim at equipping people with the techniques they need to acquire self-knowledge, be creative thinkers, build their self-esteem and succeed. She does a great deal of volunteer work, especially for public libraries, leading Arts and Crafts Workshops (for adults and children) and Creative Writing Workshops (mainly for children). Find out more at


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