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LINKS: Literary Agent Resources

Agents: A Primer, by Harold Underdown
Focuses primarily on finding an agent for children's literature.

Agent Query
This site is packed with information about agents, including a database of literary agents that can be searched by keyword, nonfiction topic or fiction genre.

Association of Authors' Representatives
The primary organization of literary agents, with FAQs, a "canon of ethics," and a list of members.

Bill Hammon's List of Literary Agents
A lengthy list of agents, with information on what books those agents have represented.

Book Proposals
This site offers free help to writers who are working on a book proposal. It also helps you find a literary agent and write a query letter.

Finding a Good Agent or Publisher, by Gary Kessler

Fishing for an Agent? Use the Right Bait, by Brian Hill and Dee Power
A very good overview of what agents look for and why so many proposals are rejected.

Guide to Literary Agents - Editor's Blog
This site is absolutely packed with articles and information on formatting your manuscript, finding an agent, what agents want, interviews with agents, and more. A definite must-read.

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