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General Fiction Writing Tips & Techniques

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Getting Started: The Fundamentals of Fiction, by Marg Gilks
I: "I've Got an Idea!"
II: Read, Read, Read!
III: Critique Groups and Writers' Groups
IV: Writers Write!
V: Learning How: Courses, Workshops and Tutors
VI: Learning the Lingo
VII: Being Realistic About Your Work
VIII: Finding Markets for Your Fiction
IX: Writing Etiquette
X: Avoid Those Beginners' Blunders

Finding Ideas
25 Unique Places to Find Story Ideas - Michelle Giles
Lateral Thinking - Ahmed A. Khan
Mindplay - Peggy Bechko
Stuck in the Middle of Your Story? Try Prompts! - Alina Sandor
What Do You Know? - Moira Allen
Write What You Don't Know Know - Sean McLachlan
Write What You Know -- Because You Know More than You Think! - Marg Gilks

Plotting Your Tale
A Story, B Story, Part One: Why Use Subplots? - Victoria Grossack
A Story, B Story, Part Two: Challenges of Working with Multiple Plots - Victoria Grossack
Evaluating a Novel's Plot and Scenes - Frances Beckham
Plotting by Personality - Marg McAlister
Plotting Your Novel - Lee Masterson
Stories Within Stories - Victoria Grossack
Twisting the Plot - Victoria Grossack
Why Doesn't the Dog Bark? Plot Points vs. Plot Holes - Victoria Grossack

Essential Elements of Story
The Case for Intriguing Eccentricity in Fiction - Philip Martin
Conflict - Victoria Grossack
Confrontations - Victoria Grossack
Do You Hear Voices? Refining Your Authorial Style - Victoria Grossack
Hanging on Cliffs - Victoria Grossack
The Moral of Your Story - Victoria Grossack
The Order of Things - Victoria Grossack
Prayers, Promises and Prophecies - Victoria Grossack
Raising the Stakes - Victoria Grossack
Satisfaction Through Frustration - Victoria Grossack
Scenes Grown in the Valley of Despair - Victoria Grossack
Tell, Don't Show - Victoria Grossack
What, Where, When and Why - Marg Gilks

Story Structure
Chatting About Chapters - Victoria Grossack
Choosing the Right Name for Your Story - John Floyd
Components of a Good Opening Scene - Joseph Bates
Dynamic Beginnings: Getting Your Story Off to a Great Start - Will Greenway
The End - Victoria Grossack
From Beginning to End, A Fiction Format to Your Next Sale - Shaunna Privratsky
How Long Should Your Story Be? - Lee Masterson
Keeping Your Story On Track with Style Sheets - Marg Gilks
Levels of Structure in Fiction - Victoria Grossack
To Outline or Not to Outline - Tim Hallinan
Plunging Into Your Project - Victoria Grossack
Plunge Right In... Into Your Story, That Is! - Rekha Ambardar
Titles for Your Texts - Victoria Grossack
Where to Begin? When, Where and How to Write a Prologue - Lital Talmor
Why Do I Need an Outline? - Cheryl Sloan Wray
Your Story Outline: What It's All About - Rekha Ambardar

Writing a Series
Lynn Flewelling: Writing the World of the Series - Moira Allen
Planning the Series Novel - Vickie Britton and Loretta Jackson
The Stuff Series Are Made Of - Karen Wiesner
The Writer's Marathon: Seven Challenges to a Successful Series - Victoria Grossack

Critical Issues and Mistakes to Avoid
Becoming a Fiction Aficionado - Shaunna Privratsky
Exposing Exposition - Victoria Grossack
Expressing Exposition - Victoria Grossack
Five Fiction Mistakes that Can Spell Rejection - Moira Allen
The Greater Logic of Fiction - Victoria Grossack
Lessons from TV: Six Mistakes to Avoid in Your Fiction! - Noelle Sterne
Some Absurdities in Fiction - Victoria Grossack
The Top Ten Mistakes New Fiction Authors Make - Sally Zigmond
The One Rule for Writers... - Moira Allen

Keeping Your Readers Happy...
The Author-Reader Contract
Does Accuracy Matter in Fiction? Part I - Moira Allen
Does Accuracy Matter in Fiction? Part II - Moira Allen
E-Readers and the Changing Nature of the Story Experience - Victoria Grossack
Facts in Fiction - Victoria Grossack
The Reader's Emotional Journey - Victoria Grossack
The Satisfied Reader Experience - Victoria Grossack

See also...
Characters, Viewpoint & Character Naming
Description & Setting
Research Tips
Column: Crafting Fabulous Fiction, by Victoria Grossack

Writing Genre Fiction:
Writing Mysteries
Writing Romance
Writing Speculative Fiction: SF, Fantasy & Horror
Writing for Children
Flash Fiction, Literary Fiction and Other Genres

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Method and Madness: The Making of a Story

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