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Writing Romance

Articles may be listed in more than one category.
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The Basics of Romance
Building Humor into Your Romance - Anne M. Marble
Clichés to Avoid -- Or Reconstruct - Anne M. Marble
Conflict and Resolution in the Romance Novel - Linda Shertzer
Conflicted About Conflict? - Anne M. Marble
Foreshadowing and Suspense - Anne M. Marble
How Not to Yank Your Reader Out of the Story! - Anne M. Marble
Plotting the Teen Romance - Mindy Hardwick
Research Flaws in Romance Novels - Anne M. Marble
Romance Plots from the Classics - Anne M. Marble
Seduce Your Reader with the Perfect Title! - Anne M. Marble
Story-Starters: Ten Ways to Jump-Start Your Plot - Anne M. Marble
When (and How) To Break the Rules - Anne M. Marble
Writing Emotional Scenes Without Melodrama - Anne M. Marble
Writing Romantic Dialogue - Anne M. Marble

Characters to Fall in Love With
Creating Great Heroes and Heroines - Anne M. Marble
Don't Treat Your Characters Like Puppets! - Anne M. Marble
How Not to Create a Villain - Anne M. Marble
In the Name of Love... Finding the Right Names for Your Characters - Desmond Lindo
Name That Character! - Anne M. Marble
What's My Line? Character Professions in the Romance - Anne M. Marble

Writing Love Scenes
Keeping it Sweet While Turning Up the Heat - MaryJanice Davidson
Sizzling, Sensuous and Steamy: How to Write Love Scenes - Carolyn Campbell
Ten Essentials for Writing Love Scenes - Anne M. Marble
Twenty Steps to Writing Great Love Scenes - Karen Wiesner

Subgenres/Related Genres
Fantasy, Futuristic and Paranormal Romances - Anne M. Marble
A Field Guide to Genre Writers' Organizations - Catherine Lundoff
Is Erotica Right for You? - Tracy Cooper-Posey
The Subgenres of Romance - Anne M. Marble
Time-Travel Romances - Anne M. Marble
Writing and Selling Erotic Fiction - Catherine Lundoff
Writing Romantic Comedy - Shirley Kawa-Jump
Women's Fiction vs. Romance: A Tale of Two Genres - Lisa Craig

Interviews with Romance Authors
Diana Gabaldon (interviewed by Sue Perry)
Kim Headlee (interviewed by Moira Allen)
Teresa Medeiros (interviewed by Gayle Trent)

See also:
General Fiction Tips
Characters, Viewpoint and Naming
Description & Setting
Column: Crafting Fabulous Fiction, by Victoria Grossack

For more information, check our links to:
Romance Resources · Character Naming Resources

Recommended Reading

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Complete Idiot's Guide to Writing Erotic Romance

Creating Romantic Characters: Bringing Life To Your Romance Novel

The Complete Writer's Guide to Heroes and Heroines

The Everything Guide to Writing a Romance Novel

Improve Your Romance Writing Skills

On Writing Romance

Passionate Ink: A Guide to Writing Erotic Romance

Romance In A Month: Guide to Writing a Romance in 30 Days

The Romance Writer's Handbook

Thinking Like A Romance Writer: The Sensual Writer's Sourcebook of Words and Phrases

Writing a Romance Novel for Dummies

Writing the Great American Romance Novel

Writing Romance

You Can Write a Romance


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