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Writing Speculative Fiction: Fantasy, Science Fiction & Horror

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Writing Speculative Fiction
Blending Fiction and History - Paula Fleming
Dialogue in Speculative Fiction: When Space Bugz Speakie Funnie and Other Problems - Paula Fleming
Finessing the Infodump - Paula Fleming
Using Current Events in Speculative Fiction - Paula Fleming
Using History: We Know Stuff Happens, but How? - Paula Fleming
What Does Your Protagonist Want? - Paula Fleming
What "Type" Is Your Character? - Paula Fleming
What's in a Name? - Moira Allen

The Care and Feeding of Fictional Horses, by Mary K. Wilson
Contemporary Fantasy: Setting the Fantastic in the Everyday World - Paula Fleming
Creating a Realistic Fantasy World - Penny Ehrenkranz
Creative Uses of Magic in Your Fantasy Story - Philip Martin
Mixing Science and Magic: A Recipe for Disaster? - Paula Fleming
The Numberless Hordes: Keeping Your Fantasy Armies a Little Less Fantastic - John Savage
Shapeshifters: When It's Time to Shift the Story's Shape - Paula Fleming
What Is Magical Realism, Really? - Bruce Holland Rogers
What's the Magic Word: Defining the Sources, Effects and Costs of Magic - Lital Talmor

Science Fiction
Aliens: Relatives of Ours? - Paula Fleming
Science Fiction: The Literature of Ideas - Marg Gilks, Paula Fleming, Moira Allen
(Includes "Timelines of SF Ideas," by Marg Gilks)
Setting: The Key to Science Fiction, by Bruce Boston
Sex in SF - Paula Fleming
The Subgenres of Science Fiction - Marg Gilks, Moira Allen
Weird Science: Stranger than Fiction - Paula Fleming

Do Werewolves Wear Shoes? Building Successful Horror Characters, by Shaunna Privratsky
How To Write Today's Horror, Part I: The Seeds of Horror - David Taylor
How To Write Today's Horror, Part II: What Readers Want - David Taylor
How To Write Today's Horror, Part III: What Readers Don't Want - David Taylor
What Makes a Horror Writer? - Elizabeth Peake
Writing the Modern Vampire: An Interview with Susan Sizemore - Moira Allen

Market Tips
Attending a Speculative Fiction Convention - Paula Fleming
A Field Guide to Genre Writers' Organizations - Catherine Lundoff
Finding Good Markets, Avoiding Bad Ones - Paula Fleming
The Future of Science Fiction and Fantasy - Michele Acker
Writing for Themed Anthologies - Paula Fleming

Interviews with Speculative Fiction Authors
Piers ANTHONY: Master of Punmanship - Moira Allen
Bruce BOSTON: Writing Speculative Poetry - John Amen
David BRIN - Lynne Jamneck
Orson Scott CARD: On Religion in SF and Fantasy - Moira Allen
Jeanne CAVELOS - Lynne Jamneck
Rosemary EDGHILL: Making the Fantastic "Real" - Moira Allen
Kate ELLIOTT: An Eye for Detail - Moira Allen
Lynn FLEWELLING - Lynne Jamneck
Lynn FLEWELLING: Writing the World of the Series - Moira Allen
Ursula LEGUIN: Steering Her Craft - Faith Justice
Anne MCCAFFREY - Lynne Jamneck
Susan SIZEMORE: Writing the Modern Vampire - Moira Allen

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General Fiction Tips
Characters, Viewpoint and Naming
Description & Setting
Column: Crafting Fabulous Fiction, by Victoria Grossack

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