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Issue 1:22            7000 subscribers          December 27, 2001

From the Editor's Desk

'Twas the morning of Christmas, and all through the house
One could hear frantic praying, the click of the mouse --
My screen, it had frozen; it made not a sound;
The message was blinking: "No hard drive is found!"
I booted, and booted, and booted again;
Had a month of hard work just gone down the drain?
I booted with Norton; had a virus attacked?
So much for my smugness in using a Mac!
I booted once more, and gave a great cheer --
I was saved! Praise the Lord! It had all reappeared!
But though I was rescued, a lesson was taught:
Was I spending Christmas the way that I ought?
Should Christmas be spent by the monitor's glow?
Or with friends and with family, or out in the snow?
So I send out this message with words of good cheer --
Your next "Writing World" will come out next year!
And now, here's the point -- yes, we've finally arrived...
Merry Christmas to all, and BACK UP YOUR HARD DRIVE!

                         -- Moira Allen (Moira Allen)

This is my way of saying, dear readers, that I have made a
quality-of-life decision:  There will be no "two days after
Christmas" newsletter.  The next issue will come out on January
10.  In the meantime, however, check out the new columns and
articles that just went online:

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Special sales: Divide and Conquer

Headlines for How-To Articles, by Joan Stewart

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