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Issue 4:19          14,300 subscribers         September 16, 2004

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         From the Editor's Desk
         News from the World of Writing
         FEATURE: The Essential Components of a Media Kit
            by Ink Tree Ltd.
         The Write Sites -- Online Resources for Writers
         WRITING DESK: Can I publish my daughter's book?
            by Moira Allen
         WHAT'S NEW at Writing World
         MARKET ROUNDUP/Writing Contests

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                     FROM THE EDITOR'S DESK

No More E-mail Blues!
It's working!  For the past couple of weeks, my e-mail has been
blissfully spam-free.  Of course, I realize this is too good to
last forever, but I'll enjoy it while I can.  Between the drop in
spam and the drop in general messages (perhaps due to information
posted on the "contact" page), my e-mail processing time has been
cut in half.  As the MacDonalds ads say, "I'm loving it!"

For the record, the addresses "moirakallen"at"writing-world.com" and
"editor"at"writing-world.com" have been shut down.  Again, for more
information on contacting Writing-World.com (including info on
submitting materials, link requests, requests for information,
and subscription information), please visit

Hurricanes, Storms and Tornadoes, Oh My!
Our wet summer is turning into a wet, blustery fall -- it
definitely gives one pause to be driving along and hear on the
radio that a nearby town is under a tornado watch!  Tornadoes are
something I only expect to encounter when visiting my sister in
the Deep South (Arkansas) -- not here in Virginia!  Fortunately,
all most of the hurricanes are doing in our neighborhood is
keeping the sky gray and dreary, the humidity high, and the rain
frequent.  All things considered, I can't really complain!

However, it's a reminder of how quickly this year seems to have
sped by.  Is it just me, getting older (eh?  where's my walker,
sonny?) -- or does time seem to be in shorter and shorter supply?
Today they were putting up Halloween decorations in the grocery
store, which means that Christmas decorations are probably in the
next box.

Which brings me to the next topic...

Stocking Stuffers for Sale!
It's that time of year, when I start reviewing my computer
equipment, shuffling out the old and contemplating the new.  This
year, I don't plan to take on much new end-of-the-year hardware,
but I do have a few nifty electronic stocking stuffers that I'd
like to unload!

I confess, I'm a sucker for pocket-sized gadgets.  Which is why I
have three, yes three, of those little dictionary-type gizmos,
which looked like they'd be SOOO handy and which I've actually
never used.  These are brand new (though not in their original
packaging), and would make perfect gifts for the writer in your
family (even if that writer is YOU).  Here's what I've dug out of
the drawer:

1) Franklin Merriam-Webster electronic dictionary.  This little
gizmo has a dictionary and thesaurus, as well as an organizer
that includes a clock, currency converter, phone book, calculator
and more.  It also comes with a Spanish dictionary card that you
can swap in.  Instructions included.  Asking $20 (OBO), which
includes shipping within the U.S.

2) Franklin Electronic Bible (King James).  Find verses by
reference number, or by word search.  Also has an organizer with
clock, currency converter, etc.  At present I'm not sure where
the instructions are, but will keep looking!  Great for a Bible
study, or anywhere that you might need the ability to look up a
verse quickly without packing an entire Bible in your pocket.
Asking $20 (OBO), which includes shipping within the U.S.

3) Seiko European Translator, Deluxe Edition.  When I lived in
Germany, I yearned for one of these, but they were hideously
expensive.  I snapped one up as soon as they become affordable,
but now I seem to be confining my travel to English-speaking
countries -- so this little gem has been sitting in my desk
drawer for several years.  Translate between English, French,
German, Spanish and Italian.  Also includes a calculator,
currency converter, and metric converter.  Translates words and
entire phrases.  Comes with instruction booklet.  Asking $45
(OBO), which includes shipping within the U.S.

4) Hewlett-Packard Photo Scanner 1000.  This is one of those
mini-scanners designed specifically for scanning photos (up to
4x6).  Compatible with PC or Mac.  BRAND NEW, unopened, in
original packaging with all peripherals, such as USB cord,
software, etc.  (I tried to take it back to CompUSA but they had
stopped carrying it about two months ago.)  I think it cost
around $30, so I'm asking $15 plus $3 shipping within the U.S.

5) Instant DVD for MAC.  It sounded like such a cool idea: I
could use this device to load my enormous collection of videos
(one at a time) onto my laptop, edit out the commercials and
other extraneous matter, and dub them back onto DVDs.  Well, I
finally concluded it's a project that's never going to happen --
so I'm ready to unload this rather expensive little gadget CHEAP.
It's two years old, never used, with all the peripherals and
instructions but not the original packaging.  It cost around $350
-- so I'll be happy to let it go for $100 (OBO), which includes
shipping within the U.S.

If any of these "stocking stuffers" interests you, send me an
e-mail; I accept checks, money orders and PayPal.

And if this got you started thinking about Christmas before you
were ready -- sorry!

                                          -- Moira Allen, Editor

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Free CliffsNotes online
On September 7, CliffsNotes began offering content from their
best-selling literature notes for free viewing online. A total of
180 literature guides are now available, including classics such
as "CliffsNotes The Scarlet Letter", "CliffsNotes Odyssey", and
"CliffsNotes Hamlet". The entire content of each title can be
viewed for free; students wishing to download and print the
content will be able to do so for $5.99, the same price as the
published book. For more information: http://www.CliffsNotes.com
One of CliffNotes' rivals, SparkNotes, already offers free
content on its web site: http://www.sparknotes.com

In-store POD publishing a hit at Bookends
In May, the Ridgewood, NJ bookstore, Bookends launched
BooksByBookends, which utilizes the InstaBook machine to print
and perfect-bind 10 copies of a book, including cover, in the
store in less than an hour for as little as $150. Since then they
have published more than 1,500 books. The publishing operation
got its start when Timothy Harper, a local author, teacher and
publishing consultant, became interested in the patented
print-on-demand technology developed by a Florida inventor,
Victor Celorio. Harper persuaded Walter Boyer, co-owner of
Bookends, to add it to the store. Now their associate, Dave
Logan, churns out paperbacks, many with cover art not much
different than what is produced by major publishers. Along with
aspiring authors, the technology allows for printing classics in
the public domain, such as Balzac, Dickens and Twain, along with
Bresalier, Hickey and Sarnoski. "Think of it as short-order
publishing," Harper said. "You want 'Ivanhoe' over easy with
ketchup, we can do that."

Writers Union will investigate Amazon
The National Writers Union is concerned about Amazon.com's Search
Inside this Book feature. In the Union's discussion group,
author Jennifer Lawler wrote: "We're launching the preliminary
investigative stage of a potential campaign to fight this
practice. Please note I said 'potential.' We don't have all the
information in, including how important it is to our members that
we fight this, and if we do, what that fight should look like. At
this point, we're gathering data such as contract terms, the
ability to have your book de-SITB'd (withdrawn from the program)
and other matters." Share your feedback. Do you think the SITB
program has helped your book sales or hurt them? Do you object
just on general principles? What actions would you like the NWU
to take? If you are willing to help, please contact Jim at:

College entrance exams will add writing component
In March 2005, for the first time a writing component will be
added to the new Scholastic Achievement Test (SAT), which already
includes a student-written essay and multiple-choice questions.
According to the College Board's web site, by including a third
measure of skills -- writing -- the new SAT will reinforce the
importance of writing throughout a student's education. The
American College Testing (ACT) assessment will introduce a
writing component in February 2005 that will be optional for
students taking the test.

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                     by Ink Tree Ltd. (info"at"inktreemarketing.com)

A media kit is your silent sales person. It is a compilation of
information about your book or your company that is provided to
the media. Your media kit supplies media personalities with any
and all information they will need to write a story or conduct an
interview about you and/or your book. Your primary goal in
producing your media kit is to ensure that you have made the
media person's job easier. They should be able to find all
important and necessary information easily, in one place, without
having to do any further research. It is also important to ensure
that your book is presented in the most professional manner
possible, and because the media are constantly inundated with
materials, you want to make yours stand out from the rest.

Assembling a media kit can seem like quite an intimidating task
if you aren't familiar with the standard materials that should be
included. There are certain essential elements that are expected
by the media, and therefore must be incorporated into your media
kit. The following is a brief outline of what you should include
and why.

Table of Contents
Media persons are extremely busy, are most often under strict
deadlines, and are receiving piles of information every day. For
this reason, you want to make it easy for them to find
information about you quickly and easily. A table of contents
will help them identify the specific information they need,
without having to search through stacks of paper.

What Makes Your Book Unique?
This section is vital so that the media can relay to their
audience what differentiates your book from others in the market.
This is your opportunity to express the significant benefits of
your book. You wrote this book because you felt there was a need
for it, so this is your chance to explain how you have filled
that need. In doing this you will identify your target market and
explain who will benefit from the information presented in your

Author Biography
This is the story of you, your background, and how you came to be
where you are today. Often the media are interested in the "story
behind the story", so don't be shy. Be open and honest about your
accomplishments, abilities, knowledge, and talents. You should be
sure to write your bio in the third person, making it much easier
to tout your assets.

Book Information
This page is where you should list all of the pertinent details
and facts about your book. You should include the following

Title: (including subtitle)
Publisher: (name and contact information)
Number of Pages:
Photographs: (number and whether or not they are in color)
Size: (in inches [ex. 7 X 9] including the type of binding and
the width of the spine)
Bar Coded: (yes or no)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
In this section of your media kit, design questions that you
would like the media to ask you in order to explain what your
book is all about, and why someone would want to buy it. Keep in
mind that some of your media reviews or interview questions may
be based on direct quotes from your FAQs, so write questions that
will give you the opportunity to describe the benefits of your
book. A few sample questions are: Why did you write this book?
Who is your intended audience? How does this book benefit the

This is where you have the opportunity to give your book some
credibility. Endorsements from high profile individuals and those
with strong credentials can be extremely effective in portraying
the message that your book was founded on reliable, accurate

This section will be a list of all of your reviews or media
appearances arranged in chronological order starting with the
most recent at the top of the page. Here you can also list any
ongoing promotions you are involved in with any media or company.
You should also mention any media that is currently being
planned. If any media have agreed to, and are planning on,
reviewing your book in the near future, you can incorporate those
specifics here as well. Copies of any media exposure you have
received in print can be incorporated into your media kit as well
and is another way to increase the credibility of your book.

News Release
This is the most important element of your publicity and
promotions campaign because it is the initial piece you will send
to the media and the one you use to grab their attention and
persuade them to do a story about you. No doubt you know that
your news release must have a "hook", something that captures the
reader's attention and convinces them to want to learn more. A
news release should offer a potential story to the media. When
you write it you should not simply announce the release of your
new book, you should express the benefits of the book to the

If you have several titles and/or other products, you should
create a corporate media kit instead of an individual kit for
each title. A corporate media kit incorporates everything your
company has to offer. Even if you are only actively promoting one
title, a corporate media kit can save you a great deal of time
and money. You can highlight the title you are currently
promoting in your news release, but including the rest of your
company's information allows the media to be as thorough as
possible. It also gives them a variety of different story angles
to work with, which can definitely be to your benefit.

Once again, your aim in producing a proper media kit is to
provide all of the key information that the media require should
they choose to write a review of your book, or to invite you as a
guest on a show. An attractive, professional and informative
media kit is extremely helpful in facilitating that process by
making your book stand out from the rest.


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-- they are the most effective ways to achieve increased book
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help you avoid time consuming and costly mistakes. For more
information: http://www.inktreemarketing.com

Copyright (c) 2004 by Ink Tree Ltd.

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LOCUS Index to Science Fiction Awards
------------------------------------- -
This site lists all the major SF awards, as well as regional,
academic, fan, reader, and genre awards. Each listing includes
winners, nominees, categories, and an award overview.

Verbix Online Conjugator
Conjugate verbs in a host of languages, modern and ancient
(including Old Saxon, Proto-Indo-European, Swahile, and dozens

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                   by Moira Allen (moirakallen"at"writing-world.com)

Can I Publish My Daughter's Book?

Q: My daughter wrote a poetry book a few years ago and I would
like to try and publish it. I know that the cost of publishing is
way beyond my financial limitations at this time. Is there any
way I could publish the book myself for her? Also, can a person
publish a book if not written by oneself? She is a talented
writer and I think if I try and publish the book for her, it
might give her the confidence to find her place in the writing

A: Actually, the cost of publishing a book is no longer as high
as it once was. For the type of project you are considering, I'd
recommend looking into "print on demand" publishing. In this
type of publishing, you typically pay a fairly low up-front fee
(ranging from $200 to $1000, depending on the options you choose
and how much work the publisher has to do to get the book
formatted and ready to print). Books are printed only when they
are ordered, so you aren't entering into the rather LARGE cost
of, say, printing off 500 copies of a book and storing them in
your garage.

However, you need to understand that all this achieves is to
create a printed book that you can hold in your hand. It's nice
to look at, and it can be an ego boost. But it's not "published"
in the sense that someone can walk into a bookstore and buy it.
Yes, it CAN be ordered through bookstores -- but in order for
this to happen, people have to actually know the book is out
there and have a reason to want to buy it.

Self-publishing in the more profound sense means MARKETING. If
you're interested in getting a book into bookstores, that's a
huge and daunting task, and frankly, I don't recommend that you
even get started, for the type of project you're describing. It's
a business -- and it can be nearly a full-time business.

So -- if your goal is simply to produce a book -- something that
looks like a book and can therefore be an ego boost -- by all
means consider investing in a print-on-demand product. If your
goal is to get your daughter's book into bookstores,
self-publishing is not the way to go.

As to whether it is acceptable to publish another person's book,
in this case, I don't see why not. Make sure that the copyright
is listed in your daughter's name, so that there is no question
of copyright infringement.  If you want the copyright registered,
you may fijnd that the POD company offers this option, usually
for a small extra fee.

Ultimately, however, your daughter will need to make her own
decisions about whether she takes her writing seriously enough to
do something about it. Keep in mind that this is a decision one
often makes AFTER doing other things. She may not be ready to
pursue her writing seriously at this time, but may decide that
she wants to do so a few years from now. Your encouragement will
certainly be a help to her; lots of writers suffer from a lack of
support from their family and loved ones. Encourage her to go
online and get involved in the poetry community on the Net --
there are loads of great poetry sites, chat rooms, critique
groups, etc. (You'll find some good links at


Moira Allen has been writing and editing professionally for more
than 20 years. A columnist for The Writer, she is also the author
of "Starting Your Career as a Freelance Writer", "The Writer's
Guide to Queries, Pitches and Proposals" (now available as an
e-book) and "Writing.com: Creative Internet Strategies to
Advance Your Writing Career". For more details, visit:

Copyright (c) 2004 by Moira Allen

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Take Control of Your Time, by Kelle Campbell

To POD or Not to POD?  Some Pros and Cons, by Moira Allen

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P. Scott Brown, Editor
PO Box 106, Eureka, CA 95502
EMAIL: writers"at"opmagazine.com
URL: http://www.opmagazine.com/contributor_guidelines.htm

OP (named for o.p., the standard abbreviation for out-of-print)
is about the love of books and book collecting. OP's focus is on
out-of-print, antiquarian, and collectible books. We do not
publish articles on general or new book topics. We actively edit
all submissions to fit our style. Typically, we work with
collectors to tighten their writing and with academic authors to
enhance the narrative flow of the piece. We are always looking
for writers for specific assignments and original articles in
these areas: Profile; The Trade; On the Shelf (Book Reviews);
Book Scout; Collector Chronicle; Book Arts; Endpaper.

LENGTH: 950-3,000 words, depending on topic requirements
PAYMENT: Articles: $100-$300; Reviews: $25
RIGHTS: OP obtains rights to publish a contribution in our
magazine and to reprint it in a book or other publication edited
by us. We also retain non-exclusive electronic rights. Once we
have published a contribution, the author is free to republish
the contribution at any time.
SUBMISSIONS: Query or submit manuscript by mail or email. Word
and WordPerfect files are acceptable.
GUIDELINES: http://www.opmagazine.com/contributor_guidelines.htm


1554 Pembroke St, Victoria, BC, V8R 1W2
EMAIL: Submissions"at"pinemagazine.ca
URL: http://www.pinemagazine.ca

We are looking for submissions that are urgent and honest.
Vignettes that capture the insignificant and make them beautiful.

Front Matter: Short pieces -- lists, dialogues, transcripts from
found items. The emphasis is on non-fiction and humor.

Poetry: Submit 1-7 poems.

Fiction: Works of fiction should have good titles, something
witty, or does a really good job of explaining what's going to be
happening in the story.

Creative Nonfiction: The emphasis being on creative. We are not
looking for interviews unless you convince us otherwise.

Features: Accepted formats include fiction, creative non-fiction,
and journalistic non-fiction of a timely but not easily dated
nature. Email a short synopsis before submitting the entire

Photo Essay: We would rather twenty five photos of how amazing
your backyard is than 10 photos showing us everything that is
amazing about South America. From 515 photos. Send an email
explaining your project and attach 2-3 examples.

LENGTH: Fiction: 7,500 words or less; Features: 7,500-10,000
words; Photo Essay: 200 words
PAYMENT: $30-$100 CAN
SUBMISSIONS: Email submissions preferred. Poetry submissions
should be sent to Nick Thran: nick"at"pinemagazine.ca
GUIDELINES: http://www.pinemagazine.ca/submissions.htm


Angela Challis, Editor
PO Box 4, Woodvale, WA 6026 Australia
EMAIL: shadowedrealms"at"ascension.com.au
URL: http://www.ascension.com.au/shadowedrealms/

Shadowed Realms specializes in flash fiction. We are seeking
dark, psychological speculative fiction -- including horror,
dark/urban fantasy, supernatural/occult, slipstream, thrillers
and mysteries. We will also consider science fiction, fantasy,
action, crime and erotica, as long as it contains a speculative
element and captures the essence of psychological darkness.
Without exception (and regardless of genre), all stories should
be taut, well-written and captivating. Our content is geared
toward an Australian audience (including New Zealand and
Oceania). International authors should be aware that preference
is given to locally produced works. However, exceptional quality
stories from any source are always welcome. We are not looking
for names, we are looking for exceptional stories. Unpublished
and emerging writers are as equally welcome to submit as
established authors. Surprise us (and your readers). Leave us
with a lingering sense of dread. Or an itching, overwhelming
desire to dissect your finely-wrought mystery. Take us to a
place we never expected to go.

DEADLINE: November 30, 2004
LENGTH: 1,000 words or less
PAYMENT: 5 cents (USD 3 cents) per word
RIGHTS: Exclusive electronic publication rights. All rights
revert to the author once the story has been archived.
SUBMISSIONS: By mail or email, attached as a Rich Text (.rtf) or
MS Word (.doc) file only. Subject line: Submission: "Your story


Please send Market News to: peggyt"at"siltnet.net

"FNASR": First North American Serial Rights, "SASE":
self-addressed, stamped envelope, "GL": guidelines. If you have
questions about rights, please see "Rights: What They Mean and
Why They're Important"


This section lists contests that charge no entry fees. For more
contests, check our online contests section.


          Heart of America Poster and Essay Contests

DEADLINE: October 15, 2004
GENRE: Essay, Poster art
OPEN TO: Essay Contest: students in grades 6-8 and 9-12; Poster
Contest: students in grades 1-5
LENGTH: Essay: 500 words or less

THEME: Heart of America Week is September 19-25, 2004.
Compassion, opportunity, responsibility, equality, valor,
ambition, liberty, unity, enterprise, and spirituality are the
values that have been the core of our great country since before
the Revolutionary War. Even today these values are or should be
at the center of everything we do. Which of the ten core values
is most important to you? Do you know someone who represents one
of the core values? Answer these questions through art or words
using the online guidelines and entry form.

PRIZES: Three winning entries will be selected: one grade 1-5
poster contest winner, one grade 6-8 essay contest winner, and
one grade 9-12 essay contest winner. Each winner will receive a
$100 Savings Bond, 2 night trip to Sarasota, FL including airfare
with one parent/guardian, and 2 tickets to Busch Gardens.


EMAIL: info"at"heartofamerica.org

ADDRESS: Heart of America Poster and Essay Contests, The Heart of
America Foundation, 401 F Street NW, Suite 325, Washington, DC



            PEN/Faulkner Award for Fiction

DEADLINE: October 31, 2004
GENRE: Fiction
OPEN TO: Books published in 2004 by American citizens
LENGTH: No word length requirements

THEME: A national prize which honors the best published works of
fiction by American citizens, published in the calendar year
immediately preceding the year of the award ceremony, in this case
2004. Three judges are chosen annually by the Directors of the
PEN/Faulkner Foundation to select five books from among the 200 to
300 works submitted. No self-published books or ebooks. Authors,
agents, or publishers send 4 copies to the address below.

PRIZES: First Among Equals Award: $15,000; 4 Finalists: $5000


ADDRESS: 201 East Capitol Street, SE, Washington, DC 20003

URL: http://www.folger.edu/public/pfaulk/submit.htm


          3rd Annual FundsforWriters Contest

DEADLINE: October 31, 2004
GENRE: Essay
LENGTH: 1,500-2,000 words

THEME: My Hurdle, My Success: Whether you've overcome some
physical hurdle, mental obstacle, or met a personal goal, we want
to hear about it. The format is essay with a word range no less
than 500 words and no more than 1000 words. That means no fiction
and no poetry. We want to hear about actual situations, events,
ordeals and, most of all, success.

We offer two categories: the $5.00 fee category and the no fee
category. Many writers do not believe in paying while others
have no contrary opinion about an entry fee. Here we offer both
so everyone has a choice. This way no one has an excuse not to

PRIZES: No Fee Category: 1st Prize: $50; 2nd Prize: $25 Gift
Certificate from CoolStuff4Writers; 3rd Prize: TOTAL
FundsforWriters Gift Certificate ($12 value)
Fee Category: 1st Prize: $100; 2nd Prize: $25 Gift Certificate
from CoolStuff4Writers; 3rd Prize: TOTAL FundsforWriters Gift
Certificate ($12 value)

ELECTRONIC ENTRY: Yes, in body of email

EMAIL: hope"at"fundsforwriters.com

ADDRESS: FundsforWriters, 3145 E Chandler Blvd, Suite 110, Box
747, Phoenix, Arizona 85048

URL: http://www.fundsforwriters.com/annualcontest.htm


          2004 Lee & Low Books New Voices Award

DEADLINE: October 31, 2004
GENRE: Fiction or nonfiction for children ages 2-10
OPEN TO: Writers of color who are residents of the US and who
have not previously published a children's picture book.
LENGTH: 1,500 words or less

THEME: Manuscripts should address the needs of children of color
by providing stories with which they can identify and relate, and
which promote a greater understanding of one another. Folklore
and animal stories will not be considered.

PRIZES: Grand Prize: $1,000, and our standard publication
contract, including our standard advance and royalties; Honor
Award: $500


ADDRESS: Lee & Low Books, 95 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10016,

URL: http://leeandlow.com/editorial/voices.html


         Friends of Sound Horses Journalism Award

DEADLINE: November 1, 2004
GENRE: Investigative journalism
OPEN TO: All professional, freelance and student journalists
LENGTH: No word length requirements

THEME: Soring is the application of chemical or mechanical means
to enhance a horse's gait in an effort to win in "big lick" show
ring competitions. To increase public awareness of the illegal
practice of soring, FOSH (Friends of Sound Horses, Inc.) will
award three winners for the most outstanding journalism that
exposes the illegal and cruel practice of horse soring. Entry
form must accompany all submissions, which can be printed from
web site.

PRIZES: 1st Prize: $3,000; 2nd Prize: $1,500; 3rd Prize: $500


EMAIL: Awards"at"friendsofsoundhorses.org

ADDRESS: Friends of Sound Horses, Inc. (FOSH), 6614 Clayton Rd
#105, St. Louis, MO 63117

URL: http://www.fosh.info/pr_17.html


         Poetic-Voices Chapbook Contest

DEADLINE: October 31, 2004
GENRE: Poetry
LENGTH: 64 lines or less

THEME: Poems may be any style, free-verse or strict form, rhyming
or non-rhyming. Previously published poems are acceptable as long
as the majority of your collection is unpublished work.
Simultaneous submissions are acceptable but please let us know if
your collection has been accepted elsewhere prior to the

PRIZE: Winner receives 25 chapbooks of their work

ELECTRONIC ENTRY: Yes, use online entry form

URL: http://www.poetic-voices.com/chapbook.htm



The Simple Touch of Fate, by Arlene Uslander and Brenda Warneka

Two Journeys, One Path, by Margaret West

We Are More Than Our Wounds, by Stephen Mead

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