Promoting Your Book Through Telephone Interviews
by Brian Jud

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Performances on radio talk or news shows are the workhorses of book-promotion activities. With radio as part of your communication plan, you can reach hundreds, thousands or millions of people at one time at little or no cost.

You can use your telephone to tape radio shows or perform live, from any place in which there is a good connection, no background noise and where you can talk uninterrupted for the length of the show. Telephone interviews provide inexpensive exposure because the producer will call you, typically. Here are several guidelines to make telephone interviews more effective:

If you are thorough in your preparation, you will alert your host to your potential as an interesting guest. You both will be relaxed, and the interview will be conducted between two professionals, both trying to create an interesting, informative and entertaining show to meet their respective objectives. When this occurs, you will be asked back to repeat your performance.

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