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Organize Your Writing Time with A Writer's Year - FREE!

Every year seems to go by more quickly! Each year we find ourselves wondering where the time has gone, and why we haven't accomplished nearly as much as what we planned. We can't slow down time -- but one thing we can do is improve our planning skills! To help you do just that, is delighted to offer, for the third year, our free Writer's Year Planner!

A Writer's Year is a 365-day planner that's designed for writers -- not, like most of those expensive "dayplanners" on the market, for folks who work 8-5. For many of us, our day starts earlier and ends later, and has a great deal going on in between. This is the perfect tool to help you plan your writing schedule, organize your tasks, record your achievements, track your goals and progress, and keep track of important deadlines and due-dates.

Each week opens with a place to list your priorities and upcoming deadlines, and ends with an inspirational quote about writing. Each day, there's space to make note of your achievements, tasks completed, and progress -- items that are all too easy to overlook in the busy-ness of our lives! The schedule sections are divided into half-hour segments, making it easy both to schedule tasks and to track the time spent on a project (especially ideal if you need to calculate billable hours).

And once again, the electronic edition is FREE! You can download A Writer's Year in PDF or Excel format, along with a submission tracker, here:

If you'd like a print version (and don't want to waste paper and ink printing your own), a hardcopy is available this year in two formats:

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