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Starting Your Career as a Freelance Writer

Queries, Pitches and Proposals

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Secrets of Successful Freelancing

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General Freelancing Tips
Enriching Your Writing with Big Data - Audrey Henderson
Expert-Finding Strategies Every Writer Needs to Know - Mridu Khullar
Filing Works in Progress - Barbara Weddle
How to Write Effectively for a Cause - Mary Emma Allen
The Invisible Writer: The Art of Becoming a Ghost - Moira Allen
Love Thy Enemy: How Your Competitors Can Help You Make Money - Devyani Borade
More Tips on Becoming an Effective Ghost - Moira Allen
Mining the Rejection Pile for Gold - Ann Brandt
Why Writers Need Their Holidays - Joyce Frohn
Who's In Your Corner? (Tips on Making a Good First Impression) - Moira Allen
Writing to Trends - Susan Sundwall

Journalism & News Writing
Make an Extra $1,000 a Month - Mridu Khullar
The Newspaper/Blog Connection - Sue Fagalde Lick
Newspapers: A Great Source of Freelance Opportunities - Sue Fagalde Lick
Participatory Journalism for Magazines and Newspapers - Larry Atkins
Why Write for Newspapers? - Sue Fagalde Lick

Targeting Specific Markets
How to Evaluate a Good Blog Gig and Earn What You Deserve! - Jennifer Brown Banks
Break Into the Religious Market With a Devotion - Tatiana Claudy
The Christian Children's Market: A Place for Beginning Writers - Marcia Laycock
Stealing Ideas at Church & Selling Them Back - S.R. Morris
Writing for the Teen Religious Market - Kathryn Lay
10 Less Explored Types of Food Features - Aditi Bose
Cooking Up a Sale: Getting Into Recipe and Food Writing - Dawn Copeman
From Bananas to Blintzes: Writing about Diet, Nutrition and Food - Kelly James-Enger
Here's to (Writing About) Your Health! - Jenna Glatzer
From Bananas to Blintzes: Writing about Diet, Nutrition and Food - Kelly James-Enger
Writing for US and UK Health Publications - Rachel Newcombe
History/Family History/Genealogy:
How to Break into the Burgeoning History Market - Sean McLachlan
How to Tell - and Sell - Your Ancestor's Life Story - Susie Yakowicz
Local History: A Lucrative Niche Market - Patricia Fry
People and Steeples: Writing Church Histories - Wendy Hobday Haugh
Writing for Family History Magazines - Rosemary Bennett
Lists, Quizzes and Fillers:
As Easy As ABC: Writing List Articles - Theresa O'Shea
Filling in on Fillers - Moira Allen
Five Steps to Writing Great Quizzes - Kelly James-Enger
Six Tips on Selling Lists Articles - Kathryn Lay
What's Your Writing IQ? (Fillers and Quizzes) - Marie E. Cecchini
Going Green: Green Markets, Green Topics - Wenona Napolitano
Writing Comic Books - Barry Lyga
Writing for the Gaming Industry - Melissa Brewer
Lights, Camera, Action! How to Get Paid to Write About Motion Pictures - Paul Armentano
Writing an Obituary: How Your Words Can Heal The Grief-stricken - Jeanine DeHoney
Writing for the Music Market - C.J. Chilvers
Writing for Music Magazines - Ruth McHaney Danner
How to Choose the Right Parenting Website for Your Writing - Aditi Bose
Personal Experiences:
How to Turn "First Experiences" into "First Sales" - Moira Allen
Mastering the Personal Experience Article - Deborah Newton
Writing (and Selling) Personal Experience Articles - Moira Allen
How to Write for Pet Magazines - Moira Allen
Writing for Pet Markets: An Interview with Moira Allen - Kelly Milner
List of Paying Pet Markets - Moira Allen
Crafting the Perfect Profile - John Rains
Procedures, Perks and Pitfalls of Profile Writing - Shirley Byers Lalonde
Six Tips for Writing Celebrity Profiles - Kayleen Reusser
Writing Mini-Profiles for Maximium Profit - Lisa Beamer
State Magazines: Ten Tips for Landing Great Features in Your Home Area - Sean McLachlan
Increase Your Income by Writing Close to Home - Patricia Fry
SEO & Content Writing:
Content Writing - Dawn Copeman (survey response)
Grasping for Pennies - Moira Allen (editorial)
Writing to Pay the Bills - Audrey Faye Henderson
Writing to Pay the Bills - An Update - Audrey Faye Henderson
Teaching Writing Online - Moira Allen
Tips on Conducting a Successful Workshop - Moira Allen
Tips on Teaching Creative Writing - Shirley Kawa-Jump
See our new Travel Writing Section!

Columns & Syndication
How to Self-Syndicate Your Column - Moira Allen
How to Write a Book Review - Bill Asenjo
How to Write an Op-Ed - John McLain
Syndicating Your Weekly Column - Elizabeth Laden

Eight Steps to Professional Travel Photos - Bob Difley
Expanding Your Range as a Writer with Your Camera - Audrey Faye Henderson
Picture Perfect: Using Photos to Sell Your Articles - Christine Ridout

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