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Writing the Mystery

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General Fiction Tips & Techniques

Researching the Mystery
Conducting Forensic Research: A Tutorial For Mystery Writers - Hilary Conner
Don't Fire Blanks: Aim for Accuracy in Your Mystery! - Stephen Rogers
Don't Shoot Holes in Your Credibility (What You Need to Know About Firearms) - John Rains
A Field Guide to Genre Writers' Organizations - Catherine Lundoff
Murder or Suicide? How You (and Your Detective) Can Tell the Difference - Michelle Acker
Reading to Write: Staying in Touch with Mystery Fiction - Stephen Rogers
Researching the Mystery Short Story - John Floyd
Somebody Call a Cop! Writing About Law Enforcement - Stephen Rogers
White Collar Crime - Stephen Rogers

Writing the Mystery
Anything You Say... Tips for Effective Dialogue - Stephen Rogers
Beginings, Middles and Ends: Crafting the Mystery - Stephen Rogers
BulletProof Your Short Mysteries: Editors Tell You How! - Michael Bracken
Don't Drop Clues; Place Them Carefully! Stephen Rogers
Find the Motive, Find the Killer! - Stephen Rogers
From Cozy to Caper: A Guide to Mystery Genres - Stephen Rogers
Knock 'Em Dead -- Laughing! - Stephen Rogers
Red Herrings - Stephen Rogers
The Scene of the Crime: Choosing Your Setting - Stephen Rogers
What Is a Mystery Short Story? And How Do You Write One? - John Floyd
Writing the Cozy Mystery - Stephen Rogers
Writing Erotic Mysteries - Michael Bracken
Writing the PI Mystery - Stephen Rogers

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Mystery Writing Resources

Recommended Reading

The Crime Writer's Reference Guide

Don't Murder Your Mystery

Elements of Mystery Fiction

Howdunit Book of Poisons

Howdunit Book of Police Procedure and Investigation

Howdunit Forensics

How to Write a Damn Good Mystery

How to Write Killer Fiction

How to Write Killer Historical Mysteries

Writing and Selling Your Mystery Novel

Writing Mysteries: A Handbook by the Mystery Writers of America

You Can Write a Mystery


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