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Starting Your Career as a Freelance Writer

Queries, Pitches and Proposals

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Promoting Your Writing

General Promotion Tips
Developing a Pitch Message - Hank Quense
Digging for Gold: Researching Awards for Your Book - Naomi C. Rose
Five Steps to Developing Your Writing Brand - Sonya Carmichael Jones
How To Promote Your Self-Published Book (survey response) - Dawn Copeman
If You Give It Away, Will They Still Respect You in the Morning? - MaryJanice Davidson
Let Them See Your Title: Publicizing Your Children's Book - Noelle Sterne
Marketing Your First Nonfiction Book - Ann Brandt
Marketing Your Novel: Building the "Buzz" - Marilyn Henderson
The Missing Links to Successful Authorship - Patricia Fry
Promote Your Book Through Magazine and Ezine Articles - Patricia Fry
Promoting Your Book: Are You Doing the Right Job? - Moira Allen
Promoting Your Book Through Bookstores - Do You Need a Publicist? - Debby Ridpath Ohi
Promote Your Book with Angle Articles - Dawn Colclasure
The Simple Art of Saying Thank You - Patricia Ash
Ways to Profit from Writing for Free - Audrey Faye Henderson
What Do You Write? Using Writers' Platforms to Establish Subject Matter Credibility - Audrey Faye Henderson
Who Are You? How to Write a Good Bio - Devyani Borade
Writing Your Bio - Terje Johansen
Your Publicity Photo - Patricia Fry

Blogging & Social Media
Calling All Authors: The Key to Successful Social Media Promotion - N.N. Light
How Social Media Helps Writers - Penny J. Leisch
How to Leverage Guest Posting to Get (Paying) Writing Gigs - Jennifer Brown Banks
How to Think Outside the Blog "Box" to Increase Your Productivity and Creativity - Jennifer Brown Banks
How to Use Social Proof to Win Clients and Influence Buyers (when you're not "social media" active) - Jennifer Brown Banks
Seven Reasons Today's Writers Should Blog to Build Their Platforms and Their Bottom Lines! - Jennifer Brown Banks
Social Media: Getting Back to Basics - Sylvia Spruck Wrigley
To Blog or Not to Blog - Moira Allen
Virtual Book Tours: A Five-Step Planning Process - Mohamed Mughal
What Grocery Shopping Can Teach us About Branding Our Blogs - Jennifer Brown Banks

Book Reviews
Getting Your Book Reviewed - Moira Allen
How to Get Your Book Reviewed - Debby Ridpath Ohi
The Review Process: How a Book Gets Reviewed - Sally Murphy
So You Got a Review -- Now What? - Sally Murphy
Who Reads Book Reviews Anyway? - Sally Murphy

Booksigning Tips
40+ Ways to Make Your Next Book Signing an Event! - Larry James
Dreaming of Writer's Cramp: Signing at Bookstores and Beyond... - Peter Bowerman
How to Have a Successful Booksigning - MaryJanice Davidson
How to Make Your Booksigning a Sell-Out! - Judy Azar LeBlanc
Tips and Tricks for Booksignings - Kim Headlee

Fairs and Festivals, and Conferences
How to Become a Presenter at Prestigious Conferences - Patricia Fry
Networking and Promotion at a Writer's Conference - Debby Ridpath Ohi
School Bookfairs: A Great Opportunity for Market Research - Carol Baldwin
Selling Your Books at a Booth, Part I: Ten Tips for Success - Belea T. Keeney
Selling Your Books at a Booth, Part II: Working the Booth - Belea T. Keeney
Speak Out: Networking through Speaking at Writing Conferences - Tami Cowden
Ten Tips for a Successful Reading - Jim Hines

Mailing Lists & Contact Lists
Building a Customer Mailing List - Carolyn Howard-Johnson
Mailing Lists: Their Uses and Abuses - Anne Marble
Making a List, Checking it Twice: How to Find Promotional Contacts - Debby Ridpath Ohi

Press Releases and Presskits
Creating an Author Press Kit - Debby Ridpath Ohi
The Essential Components of the Media Kit - Ink Tree Ltd.
Seven Steps to a Great Press Release - Elizabeth Hanes
Turning Press Releases into Publishing Profits - Brian Jud

Promoting Online
Build Your Writing Business Through Testimonials - Jennifer Brown Banks
Create a Website that Works for You - Barbara Florio Graham
Creating an E-mail Newsletter - Moira Allen
Creating an Online Portfolio - Moira Allen
Do You Have a Website? - Audrey Faye Henderson
Do You Need an Author Website? - Moira Allen
How to Create Your Writer's Brand Online - by Gail Kavanagh
Networking and Promotion: Blending Old Tools and New - Dee-Ann LeBlanc
Promoting Your Book on the Internet - Moira Allen
Starting the Buzz Before Your Book Hits the Shelves - MaryJanice Davidson
Taking Advantage of Amazon's Marketing Programs - Niki Behrikis Shanahan

>Public Speaking and Media Appearances
Getting on the Air - Brian Jud
Handling the Media Interview - Michelle Giles
Handling TV Interviews - Vera Marie Badertscher
Help! I'm Going to Be on TV! - Barbara Florio Graham
How to Appear Your Best on TV - Brian Jud
How to Be a Great Radio Guest! - Larry James
Preparing for an Interview - Debby Ridpath Ohi
Promote Your Book Through Alternate Speaking Venues - Patricia Fry
Promoting Your Book Through Telephone Interviews - Brian Jud
Radio Station Checklist: Stuff You Need to Know Before You Go on the Air! - Larry James
The Seven C's of Media Appearances - Brian Jud
Shouldn't You Be Podcasting? - Amy Chavez
Speak Out: Networking through Speaking at Writing Conferences - Tami Cowden
Speak Up for Your Writing - Donnell King
Speaking Without Butterflies - Moira Allen
Using Your Best VOICES on the Air - Brian Jud
What to Do When Someone Interviews you - Moira Allen
When Authors Engage in Public Speaking - Patricia Fry

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