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Understanding Rights, Copyright, Permissions & Plagiarism

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Rights and Copyright
Copyright, Public Domain, and the Wild Wild Web - Moira Allen
The Nitty-Gritty of Copyright - Abra Staffin-Wiebe
Rights: What They Mean and Why They're Important - Marg Gilks
The Rights and Wrongs of Blogging for Pay - Dawn Copeman
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Understanding Rights and Copyright - Moira Allen

Reprints and Permissions
Can I Sell a Previously Published Article? - Moira Allen
Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Permissions - Brandon Trissler
Increase Your Market with a Creative Commons License - Josh Smith
Top Ten Questions About Copyright Permissions - David Taylor
The 20% Solution (How Much Do You Need to Change an Article to Make it Original?) - Moira Allen
Using Song Lyrics - Dawn Copeman

Plagiarism, Piracy and Infringement
Copyright Infringement: A Question of Give and Take - Moira Allen
Copyright Infringement: Once More, with Slightly Sharper Teeth - Moira Allen
Don't Do Us Any Favors -- Don't Steal Our work! - Moira Allen
Plagiarism, Copyright, and the Eighteenth Century - Jack Lynch
Protecting Your Work from Electronic Pirates - Charles Petit
Research or Plagiarism? - Moira Allen
Someone Stole My Article! What To Do When It Happens To You - Moira Allen
Understanding Fair Use - John Savage
Using Another Writer's Ideas - Dawn Copeman (survey)
What Is Libel? - David Taylor
Will an Editor Steal Your Ideas? - Moira Allen
Writing About "Real" People - Robert Moskowitz
Writing under the Influence: Inspiration, Plagiarism and Homage - Victoria Grossack
Your Prose or Mine - Have You Ever Been Tempted to Plagiarise? - Devyani Borade

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