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International Freelancing

This page is no longer current. Please visit the following pages for the most recent postings on this topic:
International Freelancing
Targeting Topical Markets (includes international markets)

Reaching International Markets
Affordable Market Resources for International Writers - Hasmita Chander
Breaking into the Spanish-Language Greeting Card Market - Susana Baughman
Don't Write Down to European Audiences! - Nancy Arrowsmith
Do Not Go Clueless Into That Strange Culture! - Ysabel de la Rosa
Finding UK Experts and Spokespeople - Rachel Newcombe
Getting Information from UK "PRs" - Rachel Newcombe
The Global Marketplace - Michael Sedge
How to Become a Foreign Correspondent -- Without Leaving Home! - Ysabel de la Rosa
How to Become an International News Reporter - Huw Francis
How to Choose the Right Parenting Website for Your Writing - Aditi Bose
India as a Writer's Market - Hasmita Chander
Interviewing American Artists for International Publications - Lawrence Schimel
Job Hunting Strategies for the Expat Freelance Writer - Suchi Rudra
Writing for ESL Markets - Amy Chavez
Writing for the NGO Community - Kimberly Baldwin Radford
Writing for UK County Magazines - Rachel Newcombe
Writing for the UK Gardening Market - Rachel Newcombe
Writing for UK Travel Magazines - Rachel Newcombe
Writing for US and UK Health Publications - Rachel Newcombe

Language and Translation Issues
Conducting Interviews in International English - Ysabel de la Rosa
Five Tips on Translating Poetry - Jennifer Liddy
How to Get Your Work Translated Properly - Jim Pierce
How to Succeed Writing Spanish-Language Greeting Cards - Susanna Baughman
How to Use an Interpreter - Nancy Tangemann
Is "Intercultural" Communication a Moot Point? - Geoff Hart
Launching a Translation Career - Maya Mirsky
Learning a Language Without Lessons - Ysabel de la Rosa
Preserving Your Words in Translation - Jennifer Hutchins
Providing Glossaries for Your Translator - Lawrence Schimel
Writing in International English - Martin Schell

Handling Overseas Business Issues
Handling an Overseas Writing Business - Moira Allen
How Much Is that In Dollars? The Financial Side of Writing for Foreign Publishers - Audrey Faye Henderson
Improving Your Global Image - Huw Francis
International Grant Resources - C. Hope Clark
Networking Opportunities for International Writers - Ysabel de la Rosa
Reaching International Markets Electronically - Moira Allen
Selling International Rights - Moira Allen

Articles from this site available in translation:
Interview de Anne McCaffrey (An Interview With Anne McCaffrey), by Lynne Jamneck
Cinq erreurs menant au refus (Five Errors that Can Lead to Rejection), by Moira Allen
Devriez-vous utiliser un pseudonyme? (Should you use a pseudonym?), by Moira Allen
Faire face aux refus (Coping with Rejection), by Moira Allen
Instaurer des buts efficaces en Écriture (Setting Effective Writing Goals), by Moira Allen
Jak Get Your Praca Tlumaczone Prawidlowo (How to Get Your Work Translated Properly), by Jim Pierce (translated to Polish by Marina Stepanenko)
Psaní v rodinné anamnéze (Writing a Family History), by Moira Allen - translated to Czech by Daniela Milton
Quand la peur nous bloque (When Fear Gets in the Way), by Moira Allen
Quatre façons de rendre son cadre vivant (Four Ways to Bring Descriptions to Life), by Moira Allen
Qu'est-ce qu'un Écrivain? (What is a Writer?), by Moira Allen
Le temps et l'Écrivain (Time and the Writer), by Moira Allen
http://www.moneyaisle.com/worldwide/triolet-be Poetic Forms: The Triolet, by Conrad Geller - translated to Belorussian by Bohdan Zograf

For more information, check our links to:
Dictionaries, Glossaries & Translation Resources · Magazine, Newspaper & Periodical Directories · Travel Writing Resources

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